BIT creates a unique and differentiated brand that will set you apart. Perfect delivering your message across all media platforms. Position and package you strategically to get you the most attention out of traditional and digital media.


BIT Media Group is a full-service media partnership group that builds powerful media brands and businesses with established and rising media personalities. We launch clients through all media verticals, including publishing and the web by tapping our wide range of strategic relationships to build and enhance awareness, distribution and sponsorship revenue.

Our value

To get ahead amongst the professionals and in the business world, you have to give your clients something they haven’t seen or heard before. What do you do that’s different? What makes you stand out? What’s your mission? What are you solving? By branding and positioning you the right way, we put your differentiating factor at the forefront, letting you build and capitalize your brand to create value.


Create foundational and promotional materials. Conceptualize and produce digital and printed content.


Use our media and publications to gain more exposure. Introductions to big names in your space. Connect with players to generate business.